Master Thief Goreit

Master Thief Goreit is a bumbling thief. Equipped with his miniature dragon's tooth, the Blackjack, he accidentally sets off every alarm in every place he attempts to steal from. Nevertheless, he has been called the Master Thief for his ascendent proficiency.

The Art of Murder/Soul-Stealing

Goreit relentlessly hunts down every sentient being in the vicinity of the loot he desires in order to run around, free as the wind. Goreit usually stocks up to one billion Broadhead arrows, one trillion Firedung arrows, and one infinity Slambam arrows. With so many arrows, no one can escape his wrath.

His one weakness is close-quarters combat — he is often too confused to react like a real human being, instead opting to raise his club in the air for an average of fifty seconds before swinging predictable slams. Occasionally, Goreit gets his feet stuck in walls and flooring. In these cases, guards will bumble around him and yell "Taffer!" and "Filthy pickpocket!" forever. Eventually, Goreit and the guards will either die of hunger or turn into dust. Afterwards, Goreit re-materializes and the cycle begins anew.

It is a popular belief that Goreit is in a relationship with Damo Czukay.