Matando Gorgezandez

Matando Gorgezandez is a suave skeleton, perhaps the suavest, who makes a career out of bullfighting, despite being the worst at it. While Matando appears to be the master of the aesthetics of dying, he is actually the patron of the aesthetics of killing. Matando always puts on a show by being hit by bulls, exploding into a billion bones, and reassembling himself in the most sensual way possible.

There are over a dozen thousand fanclubs dedicated to Matando, and a men's fashion movement erupted in S-Pain, the official country of bullfighting. The fashion movement involved slamming your body into things until your bones exploded outward. Obviously, this led to many deaths, but S-Pain's government decided to not interfere, believing that with no pain would come no gain.

It is possible Matando is merely the most popular matador because the rest of the matadors eventually end up dying against the bulls. Consequentially, Matando is the only matador whose fanbase ranges from sixteen-year-olds to centenarians.

Matando usually fights in the Vega Cage at S-Pain and attracts fully packed seats every time. One time this led to a structural collapse.

He once challenged Hell Baker to a duel, believing Hell Baker to be a disgrace to romance. Matando managed to win, because Hell Baker's bike crashed into a wall twenty feet away from Matando. This was Matando's only recorded victory.

Manfredo and Matando regularly share romance tips, and contribute them to Cosmopolitan magazine under the alias of The Bangin' Bonner. They also regularly swap clothes and wigs, and practice jumping together.