Math is an idea had by the first and only Mathster, Numberdon Sumsquatch. Originally conceived as a way of establishing systems of counting and measuring, since its inception no one has ever been able to derive anything useful or informative from Numberdon's founding axioms:

  • The sum of two slams is defined as the location where the slammer would end up after both slams were performed in order of the slams' discovery dates.
  • A slamfield can be defined using any number of slams.
  • A slamfield constructed using 0 slams is defined as a "Big Blooper".
  • A duplex is two suplexes.
  • A super suplex is one half of a superplex.
  • There are numbers.

As no useful idea has ever been constructed, no papers or journals have ever been published on the subject of math, and no one other than Numberdon has ever been called a Mathster. While others have come forward with different ideas for the establishment of rules on which to base Math*, they have all been held up in court infinitely due to Numberdon's copyright on both the term "Math" and the idea of quantifying anything ever.

*The only known recorded instance of investigation into the rules of Math is famously the argument that 999,999 is in fact a bigger number than 1,000,000, a theory still unchallenged to this day.