Māul was a Mauli pigeon famous for lengthening days by a hour. Māul was born miraculously and prematurely by being hastily tossed into the sea while wrapped in several sequoias. Māul was hence known as Māul-strongbaby. A sea dragon found the pigeon and wrapped it further in several hundred more sequoias, but then Māul's divine ancestor, Stationmaster Tama, took the young pigeon child and nourished it to adolescence.

Later Life

Māul took the jaw-bone of his ancestress Muri-ranga-whenua and used it as a weapon in his first expedition. This was to snare the Sun and make it go slower because the days were too short for people to get their work done. With the help of his brothers, Māul noosed the Sun and beat him severely with the jaw-bone club until the Sun promised to go slower in future.