Max Fantastick

Max Fantastick is an apocryphal Slam God who was banished from the land of the Neo Slam Gods, the Cradle of Cram. When journalists contacted the Neo Slam Gods at their local parishes, they made the only comment that Max Fantastick was a terrible person and a worse roommate. Max Fantastick is currently the top producer of land pollution. Like the Neo Slam Gods, Max Fantastick religiously sticks to a diet consisting of pizza, hamburgers, and Chicago-style hot dogs. Banished to the mortal realm, Max Fantastick relies on Burgburg for subsistence.

The two form a symbiotic relationship where Max Fantastick provides a major pillar to Burgburg's economy, and even its cuisine. In its earlier years, Max Fantastick mentored young chefs and helped them to create the finest fast food in the world. Only now is their cuisine challenged by other cultures, due to globalization and the spread of Max Fantastick's techniques. The economy created a huge strain on livestock, and it is estimated that in twenty years Burgburg will be unable to support itself because livestock will be turned into burger before it can be born.

Some scientists have prayed to Max Fantastick in hopes of receiving a solution to the increasingly dire predicament. They have not received a comment from Max Fantastick.

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