Maximal Letters

Maximal Letters is the King of Skeletors (Maximal Letters prefers the title, King of Kings [This is inaccurate]) and the heir to the great WHAMESCO empire. Married to Bumrum Wrasslehon's son, Fulcrum Wrasslehon, and his daughter, Magmalava Wrasslehon, Maximal Letters rose from wrestler to business mogul/mongol in a series of allegiances with the Wrasslehon clan. This allowed him to reign supreme in the ring for over 30 years after Nightmare's leave. A common catch phrase during his tenure was, "Maximal Letters include maximal Z's!" and "Fighting against Maximal Letters spells out, 'Your funeral, pal!' (If the letters are rearranged!)" For the longest time, Maximal Letters was always at top and won every match, eventually his number of championship belts numbered in the millions and had to be moved into a trash heap, King of the Hill. Eventually, people started to believe that Maximal Letters's presence defied any newcomers from victory.


Before this, Maximal Letters was a gravedigger under THE UNDERSHAKER, and he used a hammer as a shovel. This proved very strenuous to the audience's attention as a hammer was not good at digging. It would take days for Maximal Letters to dig a grave.

Maximal Letters is normally spelled by writing every letter of the alphabet infinity times. Official merchandise has solved this conundrum by depicting his name with a single solid turd. Designers say that the insignia is indeed every letter repeated infinity times, but that the font size is sub-atomic.

Despite being the King of Skeletors, Maximal Letter's own nose is a bit too far in the air for a lot of folks.