As a word, "Mega" has had varied applications throughout history, and has long been utilized by the most magnificent figures of the poetic canon, e.g., Lord Taffer in his five-hundred page epic, "Wilt Thou Slam? Oh, Mega Mega Mega." Today, Mega designates "coolness" or "supreme power." For example, on the show Slam Shack, if Dirk Dark claims that "Slamming is puerile foolishness," Sonny Slam will counter by saying, "But it's mega!"

Some leading intellectuals believe that children are developing tribal languages based entirely around tonal and anagramic variations of "Mega," and claim that this will eventually lead to a degradation of the national tongue. Certain self-proclaimed progressives, however, see this development as indicative of a budding communicative creativity.

At the moment, it is popular to say, "That's so mega!" (even if it pertains to nothing)

The most famous usage of Mega comes from the time of the Bungle Brawl, when the Duke of Glumshire appeared on his castle's balcony and uttered "Mega." So powerful yet pacifistic was this utterance that the warring sides ceased fighting and signed a truce on the spot.