Mega Battle Satan

Enormous variant of the normal Battle Satan. Mega Battle Satans live in the Desert of Boundless Bonner on God Hell Island. Their sub-adominal region has never been seen, being buried beneath bountiful bones. Some scientists hypothesize that a part on the Mega Battle Satan's lower body inspires universal hazukashii in the creature; others believe that the Mega Battle Satan has no lower body, similar to Kraid. Should a person ever be unlucky enough to find themselves in the Desert of Boundless Bonner, they can avoid surfacing Mega Battle Satans if they start to run to the East when they hear a roar that announces, "IT'S TIME FOR ULTIMATE HELL TO COME OUT INTO THE SUNLIGHT." It is unknown how Mega Battle Satans know what "sunlight" is, since sun never shines on God Hell Island.