Mega Demon

Mega Demons are the most powerful chaotic entities below the Dark Slam Gods. They arrive on the g-urthly plane either in pure spiritual form or through the host of a human. They are unaccounted for in the Book of Slams. Historically, very few affected humans learned to control their demonic tendencies; when having done so, most have harnessed their powers for good. In the case of Garn and Barn McDoogle, however, the demonic powers were means to evil ends (of course, the brothers were ultimately defeated by the Neo Slam Gods).

Seventy years ago, Mega Demons were frequently appearing; so frequently, in fact, that anti-Mega Demon lessons were incorporated into educational institutions. The most well-remembered lesson was to yell, "He/She is turning into a demon!" when first recognizing the transformative indicators in an afflicted person, so that everyone in the vicinity would know to run. The Mega Mountains were named such because of the concentration of Mega Demons therein during that dreadful time.

Mega Demons have variations in their physical build, but their anatomical basis is always that of a large, muscular humanoid. Their skin resembles black stone, and lava-like veins run along their arms and legs. The most striking feature of Mega Demons is the mass of long, dark spikes that protrude from all parts of their bodies. Because of their hard skin, self-inflicted wounds are not a concern, but the spikes also protrude from the Demons' buttocks, making sitting an uncomfortable and futile effort.