Mega Ten

Mega Ten, otherwise known as The Mega Ten or (insultingly) Shitty Mega Ten, are a group of ten Mega Demons who are infamous criminals.

The Group

  • Ramcifer: name means "the ramming one" or "the ram-bearer". Obsessed with ramming, to the point where he tries to include the word "ram" in everything he says and to somehow incorporate metaphors about ramming. This extends to his actions as well. Known to sometimes disguise himself as a schoolgirl.
  • Dag's Dad: Dag Infinite's actual dad, turned Mega Demon. He frequently whispers to young people to kill all their friends and calls everyone a "boyo" and has a marked hatred of all deities, especially the Neo Slam Gods. It has been suggested by scholars that about 20% of G-Urth's deaths are caused by his whisperings. No one knows why he acts the way he does, or when he even became a Mega Demon. His hatred for the Neo Slam Gods almost got him hired as a Dark Slam God, but Shadowslam decided that one nihilist was enough, and that Dag's Dad was even stupider.
  • Might Ray: a large night club bouncer who assaults children and pretends to be Mightreya Bodysattva. He has a habit of erupting through wooden floors, causing millions to become pin cushions for the splinters and subsequently die. Because of his name vaguely resembling the word "Mitra", many dubious scholars believe him to be part of the Mitra race. Might Ray's outrageous claim that he can be "restored to the form of a Bubbha" by actually becoming a Mitra causes 5,670,000,000 random G-Urth inhabitants to become confused every time it is asserted.
  • Mere Cabber: a normal cabbie who transformed into a Mega Demon after realising how much he hates manga (a form of anime). Now believes to be a messenger of the Original Slam Gods and that his mission is to get rid of evil by destroying all manga. Really hates manga. People who read manga commonly find it ripped from their hands by Mere Cabber, alongside their arms. This is called MCS, or Mere Cabber Syndrome, and is the leading cause of hospital visits.
  • Krush NOW: a young boy whose name belies his diminutive, casual appearance and his friendly demeanour. He promotes non-Slam Gods and rejects the Slam Gods (even the Dark Slam Gods) and always smirks mysteriously while holding a flute. No one has ever seen him play it, though.
  • Hungry Hungry Snake With Infinity Heads: Krush NOW's pet snake. Tales have been told of its gruesome soul stealing escapades; in actuality, it only raids candy shops. It doesn't even have infinity heads. It is a liar. And lying is rude.
  • Ultra Kozmodin: a space warrior from the Land of Might on Nebula Mess You Up 78 Times For Real. Much is unknown about him. In fact, it is suspected that there isn't anything noteworthy about him at all. He does nothing except stand in place and suck up all of the intrigue out of a setting to fuel his muscles and kill everyone within the vicinity of boredom.
  • Biggu Mama: a giant, rotund evil mega bird who resides on God Hell Island and is purported to be the entire world's mother because G-Urth is round and Biggu Mama is also round. It is said that Biggu Mama is one of the evil mega birds prophesized to help Battle Satans cross the waters of God Hell Island.
  • Sattt[…]tttan: loves pretending he's actually Satan. He pretends so hard that he has managed to make two people believe his claims. Nothing makes him prouder than this fact. In reality, he's just a bumbo in an inflatable muscle suit, and attaches several other mismatched creature and human heads to himself because he thinks it makes him look satanic and fearsome. No one is actually afraid of him, unfortunately. His most famous incident is when he hammered gigantic nails into his hands because he thought it would symbolise something cool, but scholars still fail to understand the significance of the nails. The ts in his name number 666.
  • Sun At Kumolonimbus: A grotesque creature resembling nothing in particular. His name points to his being a heavenly guidance, but his very existence, though supposed to be terrifying and all-powerful, confuses all within a radius of 500km instead. Scholars have linked him with the famous Sanat Kumara, and have suggested they're the same being, but others have disagreed on grounds that Sanat Kumara actually looks like a creature (a human being, to be exact), as evidenced by his immortalised visage in the Ho Most Handsome Halls. Some speculate that he may be an artificial Battle Satan identified as a Wham Ram Battle Satan; channeling prayers to 灶GOLD王—GOD食 through their Amdusias FM boom boxes, Whammers from K'ass-a-K'so Ko School assembled a pile of scrap via intense magnetism, a pile then animated by the turbulent rams of Ramcifer. It is unknown how he would qualify as a Battle Satan in the first place.

Former Members

  • Dag's Dad's Mom: was in the group for a long time before everyone realised that she's actually somewhat benign rather than evil, and possibly even good, likely not even a Mega Demon. Despite this, she managed to scold Dag's Dad on many occasions and the world had 20% less death when she was in the group. Dag's Dad could finally unleash his stupidity after she left.