The Megaloldon was an enormous shark, measuring at least 500 feet in length, that was known for its mega laughter, which is where it gets its name from. While everyone else had a quiet chuckle, the Megaloldon would LOL enormously instead. This unabashed display of mirth disturbed the people of G-Urth such that they issued a hunt to stop the Megaloldon's laughter. A group of hunters tried harpooning it, but its LOLs were so mega that their aim was thrown off. Despite this, the harpoons managed to hit the Megaloldon's vocal chords, and so the Megaloldon never laughed again. Mega LOLs have been banned throughout all of G-Urth since.

Scholars have discussed the possibility that, since Megaloldon was the first shark ever, its loss of vocal chords may be why sharks today are so silent. Others have argued that evolution doesn't work that way, dumbass, and that the sharks are instead deeply revering and respecting their ancestor's inability to express its mirth in a show of sympathy.

Whatever the case, the Megaloldon was sad for years to come, until a miracle surgeon came upon it in a chance encounter and treated its vocal chords. Now its mega LOLs can be heard the world over. No one can find the Megaloldon any more.

Meeting Cotrangl

No one, that is, until one day the world-famous Cotrangl yearned for a return to his old home. Seeing that no one was around, Cotrangl transformed into his original form of a gigantic manta ray and swam the oceans in joy. Suddenly, he somehow found Megaloldon. Though the Megaloldon was still as mirthful as ever, its laughter was saddled with a sadness that Cotrangl could clearly hear. After a short discussion, Megaloldon admitted that it has been fearful of socialising for being hunted again, and thus spends its time laughing alone.

Feeling extreme sadness, Cotrangl cried and the ocean levels rose by 200km. Then he took Megaloldon under his (manta ray) wing and taught him all he knew for a hundred years. After this intense bout of training, Megaloldon finally gained numerous new abilities, including one which Cotrangl was well familiar with: transforming into a human.

Afterwards, Cotrangl urged Megaloldon to come to the human world with him for a while and wrestle as his tag partner. Megaloldon eagerly and joyfully agreed, laughing extremely in the process, and the two went on to become the greatest tag team in WHAMESCO history.