The Menfredo are skeletons manifested by Manfredo luring proud knights down the same pit where his flesh ceased to exist. The Menfredo are incredibly bitter skeletons and will not partake in Xylophone Jazz or even the Bumble Bone Jig. They are outcasts within Skeleton City and prefer spending their leisure, helping Manfredo paint huge monochromatic landscapes while carrying large boomboxes. They only play farting brass at the max volume, driving every skeleton to jiggle in agony. When critics point out the lack of variety or color in this, the Menfredo are sent by Manfredo to send said critics down the "Crit Pit." The Menfredo also enjoy the works of Nietzche, but are completely unaware that any other philosophers exist.

They might all be possible clones of the Hook-Nosed Goblin or Thernz.