Methods of Defeating FUBU

Avoid him announcing you.

Avoid hand-to-hand combat.

Avoid him going into Musou Rage.

Another method is to bog him down with allies and as soon as he enters his rage, simply stand back and watch until it wears out.

Avoid detection (as a rule of thumb: if you can't see it, it's not happening).

Avoid his attacks.

Avoid clashing with his attacks.

Avoid being within a 50,000km radius of his attacks.

Avoid being trapped in a corner.

Avoid getting too close to his back as he can hit you on the last part of his first strike.

Avoid eye contact.

Avoid participating in small talk.

Avoid participating in BIG TALK.

Avoid invitations to parties.

Avoid romantic advances.

Avoid reverb syllable.

Avoid being in the same pool or body of water.

Avoid sharing the same birthday.

Avoid trying to actively defeat him, else someone else will at the last second.

Avoid Jigoku Hell Laser.

Avoid being killed in one hit while frozen in midair.