Mmm Gorgeous

Mmm (Montgomery (Maria) Mega Million) Gorgeous is the youthful and gorgeous brother of Basil Gorgeous. With thousand-conditioners lathered blonde hair, and a pristine white fur coat, Mmm struts at WHAMESCO venues as the latest and greatest star of pro wrestling. Mmm Gorgeous uniquely works as both a model and a wrestler at the same time, often combining his photo shoots for G-QUEUE Man's Magazine while having wrestling matches. To aid photographers who do not have enough Speed Level to capture glamorous shots of his matches, Mmm Gorgeous carries a smartphone to snap selfies of himself whenever the ample opportunity arises.

But because Mmm Gorgeous's wrestling ability is so extreme, his social media accounts are filled with thousands of pages of selfies everyday. His frantic photo-taking has brought down a few hundred servers (goblin-powered mills that generate the Slam energy needed to maintain the muscular neural network, International Bicep Pumpfield (the medium that smartphones and other similar technologies exchange information)) over the course of his short wrestling career.

Unlike his deceased brother Basil, Mmm is too self-absorbed in his gorgeousness to either consider the competition of other bodybuilders or summon demons, whom he mostly find an ugly bunch. Instead, Mmm hopes to publish his own book on how to bulk up, and has hired a hundred ghost-writers to do it; he is too busy taking selfies to write it himself. Further distancing himself from his dead brother, Mmm considers himself too good for the League of Bodacious Bodybuilders and is currently applying for the Union of the Ultimate.

Despite his desire to not compete, Mmm's dream was to become the rival of Nightmare, but since Nightmare died, Mmm is secretly investigating the use of necromancy via Basil's old journals. He hopes to successfully resurrect Nightmare as a still-rotting and dismembered corpse so he will automatically win the Ho Most Handsome Contest. Many critics have doubted the possibility, stating that Nightmare is still too beautiful even if he is in a billion bloodied pieces. Mmm refutes these claims, saying Basil's books are hideous and more than 140 characters.

Mmm turns paralyzed with fear if people call him Mmmm, because he does not want to be reminded that Maria is part of his name despite it being a common Großtodeswalder middle name for men.