Mondo the Mega

Mondo the Mega is a High-Canon Mega Demon. Among the demons, he was an exception, retaining his former consciousness. This allowed him to become a splendid demon.

Brutal Genesis

Mondo the Mega was born Mondo Maxman during the honeymoon cruise of his mother, Wo Hornlord-Maxman and her lover, Charles Harold Hornlord. Mr. Hornlord had been unaware of Wo Maxman's pregnancy, induced by an affair with race jockey Gerald Zoomdowner, a part-barnacle/part-elf who was well-known for his promiscuity. Upon meeting Wo, he offered to use his ten mile penis on her. She was very interested as a marine biologist. Upon Mondo's birth, Charles Harold Maxman hurled Mondo from the cruise. As Mondo got slammed into the frigid water, his rigid, half-barnacle body rammed into the propellers, jamming them, and breaking the boat in three, killing Mr. Hornlord.

While Duwang newspapers praised the baby's strength, others declared it a Mark of Evil, the signal of objective badness. After a childhood of low income, Mondo exhibited magnificent intelligence at his school's spelling bee. He decried the education system and pointed out the nonacademic connotations of the word 'bee' as it was used in the competition. In middle school, he drafted the Mega Manifesto, which curtailed numerous methods to improve education. Contemporary scholars scoffed at the manifesto as child's work (and it was), but numerous universities adopted the manifesto, including the Flat University of Architecture and Physical Education.

Unbeknownst to them, the manifesto was created solely for ensuring Mondo's academic career. As he climbed the academic ladder, many other students simply could not compete or meet the demands of the Mega Manifesto. Mondo graduated summa cum laude at the Flat University of Architecture and Physical Education with a doctorate in Evilology.

Beyond the First

Mondo became a legendary eviologist whose studies were fool-proof and accounted for every statistical error there could be. However, the methods for his studies were controversial: he had a direct hand in carrying out evil misdeeds throughout the world. Many other evilologists called him out for being an epicurean monstrosity, jeopardizing the hard morality eviologists were known for. Several popular studies by Mondo include: the time required to break down a man's slam; the most effective means of war; stealing candy from the Slam Gods; and the most effective ways to rig a bodybuilding competition (Mondo's participation in this study marked one of two times Dag Infinite lost a bodybuilding competition).

Mondo shortly after became a Mega Demon. Mondo allegedly claims that his transformation was sparked by seeing Dag Infinite cry from his loss. Dag Infinite denies this.

Mean Morphology

After becoming a Mega Demon, Mondo rounded up a trio of Mega Demons to serve him. He named them Nihilistic Nads, Objectivist O'brien, and Commie Cunning. They initiated several hundred wars, polluted the water supply of all of Burgburg, and filled in a large number of grub holes Finnish people lived in, including Peklo's.

Mondo's reign of terror finally ended in a colossal battle. Nightmare, seeking to avenge Peklo's grubhole, located Mondo at Chuckbottom Grove. Most details of the battle are kept in secrecy, but it is known that Mondo and his Mega Demons encircled Nightmare and began to spin rapidly, trying to shred Nightmare in a torrent of hurricane level winds (this particular technique was dubbed the Merry-Go-Round of Disaster). Nightmare saw through their plan and tripped Commie Cunning. Cunning flew forward, bringing Mondo and his terrible trio with him. Because of the speed they had built up, instead of falling, they were ejected into outer space.

Mondo and his trio have not been seen since.