Monster Truck

*Monster Truck beeps*

-Average Monster Truck tamer caught vigorously rubbing Monster Truck

Monster Trucks are mysterious demons that escaped from chasms in the G-Urth after two ginormous pillars known as the Hammers of Gad pierced the world and let loose the spilling of ancient life-forms. At first, it was a disaster that paralleled the Mega Demon Incident. However, it was soon discovered that by aggressively rubbing the Monster Trucks one could tame them.

Upon doing this, one can then visit the personal rooms of monster trucks to bond with them and raise their affection level by distributing presents or triggering special event scenes. Befriended monster trucks are added to a compendium, where one can view artwork of the trucks without makeup applied. Monster trucks are fine with polyamory.


The Battle of Century

Soon after, a devotional academy was erected, and monster truck taming became a popular hobby among monster truck fetishists. At this, the Academy of Kunagubu, several students became the Masters of Monster Trucks. One such Master, Elsa, became cursed and Frozen.

Trying to learn what master plan had been unleashed, the other MoM-T (Masters of Monster Trucks) followed Elsa, gathering treasure, using the monster trucks' Manus Quart crystals to help on the way, and eventually performing for children and rednecks across the world. The Monster Truck phenomenon reached its ultimate conclusion as a niche subject no one really cared about.

Cars were modeled off of Monster Trucks. When a Monster Truck threatened to sue the inventor, the inventor haphazardly renamed his invention "car" after the mystical Slam Devil, Kars (Cars (カーズ (Kazu (Automobile)))).

Monster trucks reached the peak of their popularity in the WHAMESCO incident wherein Terry Boulder accidentally killed The Rasuto Giant in a monster truck duel.