Moo Shu Warrior

Moo Shu Warriors are hired mercenaries in the Land of Dragons. Unlike other nations, the Land of Dragons conducts warfare through the use of a billion mooks and a small handful of legendary warriors who can obliterate everything. These legendary warriors are called Moo Shu Warriors. Usually pugilists, their entire diet consists of dim sum and moo shu pork. Sides usually decide who has the Moo Shu Warrior by a coin toss.

Their method of warfare consists of running through barren battlefields. Their sheer presence causes the enemy army's soldiers to phase into existence — soldiers whose only meaning in life is to be "comboed" so that the Moo Shu Warrior can rank up a "Billion Hits." There is a large obsession with numbers among Moo Shu Warriors, but no one is sure why. Most of the time it means nothing. This obsession is probably a form of escapism, as the occupation of a Moo Shu Warrior is maximum borning. Most Moo Shu Warriors tend to die by curling up in a ball and expiring on the spot after they have been inflicted with too much boredom.

Moo Shu Warriors win battles by killing everyone they phase. In the presence of a Moo Shu Warrior, allies become infinitely incompetent. This is perhaps because they realize the Moo Shu Warrior will do all the work anyway.

Moo Shu Warriors are incapable of having varied attacks, so they try to juggle enemies for infinity. The only way to stall this is by holding up one's shield. Most opponents give up after five seconds and let the Moo Shu Warrior whack them. On the chance that they survive, opponents repeat the ritual of blocking every few seconds when they really just want it to be over.

Moo Shu Warriors tend to be highly solipsistic because of the sheer lack of sentience the people around them have.

FUBU is a retired Moo Shu Warrior.