107 years ago, the Moon was destroyed in a massive cataclysm that shattered Earth's former satellite into 81 quintillion tons of orbital debris. However, thanks to super-science, the Earth itself was saved and today no one really thinks much about that century-past disaster.

Mooning, the act of shaking your bottom, was named after mooning's viewers' tendency to slam mooning butts into 81 quintillion pieces.

There is currently another Moon in the sky, but no one knows how it got there.

Creation Myth

In some tales and scientific studies, the moon is actually an infinitely huge rock from which all other space-matter births from. While the moon is not a living entity, it is believed that the moon periodically releases large quantities of itself similar to human bowel movements. This is where asteroids, meteors, and the like come from. Eventually those asteroids and meteoroids slam together to form planets and stars. But how could the moon be so close and yet be infinitely huge? Scientists say the moon is actually infinity and one inch away, hence why it looks only an inch wide in diameter.

Relation to Diplo

In what has come to be known by scholars as the Infamous Case of Shut the Fuck Up, Diplo sent friends, family, and acquaintances letters for a period of a few years telling them how amazing the moon looked on some night. Historians note that the main problem here was the fact that the letters often arrived several days after the referred-to night, making Diplo's implorations of the recipient to "go outside and check it out" meaningless. Also, if the letters' frequency is to be trusted, Diplo was amazed by the moon every single night, excepting when it was a new moon, and thus too dark to see.