Mountain of Immortal Fog

The Mountain of Immortal Fog (Last Refuge in the Snows) is the highest point in the Land of Taiyou, making it one of the few places untouched by the Ring of Fire, a 200,000 km wide circle of scorching flame (that's more flame than Hell!). The mountain is so tall that the heat of the millions of burning acres do not even bother its atmosphere or ecosystem. Instead, the Mountain of Immortal Fog always has a heavy dense fog. Despite this, the mountain also has 0.000000000000000000001% of the oxygen required for Ningen to survive one millisecond. As such, the Mountain of Immortal Fog is not a refuge not humans, but the rest of the fauna who escaped the Fire of Skeleton Hell — namely, apes.

The apes of the Mountain of Immortal Fog are known for being a pair of arms attached to a perpetually screaming head. While they stand still, they appear to move via screaming. The apes' anatomy has evolved to adjust to the abnormally low oxygen: they have developed colossal lungs and, consequently, colossally huge chests. Their gigantic pectorals are so gigantic that you can't see their faces, but scientists know they're apes by their distinctive screams.

Bramblebush Bungle

The Bramblebush Bungle was a tragic expedition led by humans to reach the summit of the Mountain of Immortal Fog. The sudden change of air pressure made them all explode. When rescue crews were sent in to recover the bodies, they too exploded, but not before witnessing the apes playing catch with the mangled bits of the explorers (via screaming).