Mountain of Power Procession

An enormous mountain, famous for being a training ground. The open air gym is situated at the heights of the mountain, halfway to the peak. People of all sizes, ages, and ethnicities come here to train and become powerful. Reaching the training grounds is itself a test of worthiness.

The mountain hosts a slew of events ranging from: training, bodybuilding contests, strength contests and fighting contests. Only Peklo, Nightmare and Hero can enter the bodybuilding contest. The rest are either 1) ho most unstrong, 2) thernz, or 3) not interested.

Disgruntled with how they reached the limits of normal training, two strong and amazingly muscular men cleared out parts of the mountain and created wild exercises that test the human limits. They named it Mountain of Power Procession (aptly), and it drew millions of people every year. These two men are still said to operate in the administration, but no one knows what they look like or where they are. There are talks that they were even fabricated and are mere myths, despite the altered mountain's existence being enough evidence.


Cliff Crunches

Abdominal crunches performed while hanging off a cliff. The sheer gravity and sense of danger this exercise provides makes it about 20096% more effective than a normal crunch.

Tightrope Balancing Push-Ups

A new addition to the mountain. Within the magma chamber are pairs of rope, one for the arms and one for the legs. Using these, one must balance while doing push-ups. It is considered a sport of great beauty. However, there are still issues with the rope material burning from the intense temperatures that can reach a hundred Kelvins.

Billion Mile Aquifer Swim

Far under the mountain is a great underground reservoir of water full of mysterious creatures, like the Lagiacrus. Not only will warriors need to prepare for the lengthy swim — they must also wear a variety of armors and weapons to survive against the beasts that lurk in the depths.

Cave-in Punching Challenge

Among secluded parts of the mountain's twisting caverns, worthy individuals are allowed to punch the caverns and cause cave-ins. They then punch falling rocks with such great speed and dexterity that they are uninjured. There are talks about whether those who do this exercise should reconstruct the fallen part of the caverns.

Mountain Fall Landing Test

This relatively simple test has the strict prerequisite of climbing up to the peak of the mountain. From there, athletes can simply jump off the steepest part of the mountain and try to successfully land from the tremendous fall. It is still a very rigorous and straining exercise, taking twelve hours to accomplish the entire fall.

Boulder Pushing/Pulling

Bodybuilders push or pull extremely huge, five-hundred ton boulders up or down the mountain sides to accentuate and strengthen their muscles. Not many have been known to be successful with this exercise. In addition, the paths are labyrinthine in design, so many end up getting lost for their entire lives as well. It is said that the ghosts of deceased men haunt the rocks, causing them to weigh thrice as much than they did ten years ago.

50,000,000 Km Run

Running the whole diameter of the mountain five-hundred times accomplishes this task. Requires inhumanely high stamina. While there is not a time limit, every night, in the dead of midnight, the mountain appears to turn alive and swallows runners. It is said to be the will of the strong.

Extreme Iranian Clubs

Super dense Iranian clubs used to refine swordplay and to strengthen the arm muscles. Their weight is so great that they exceed any known numerical value. NOT INDIAN.

Boulder Leg Press

Boulders lifted up and down with the legs while lying down. Extremely effective at creating beautiful and strong leg muscles.

Sequoia Lifting

High in the mountains where the oxygen is limited, mighty sequoias tower across the skies. Doing lifts with them provides a superior way to build muscles, but the lack of oxygen forces athletes to mentally force their bodies to continue exercising.

180 Degree Split Above a Chasm

Only steadfast people of great flexibility are allowed to partake in this dangerous exercise. They will need to hold themselves above a chasm by splitting their legs 180 degrees while using them to hold onto the sides of the chasm for fifty hours. Occasionally, there will be slight rumbles, and even the slightest quake will cause a loss of balance and a deadly plummet. Sometimes the chasm will open up and the person will fall anyway. There have been many casualties from this exercise, and it has inspired considerations of a ban.

Caldera Springs

These hot springs relax and rejuvenate the tired bodies of the countless people who train endlessly. Entering these springs after a long and tiresome training session is said to give new life to the body. Besides the hot springs, there is also an extravagant restaurant serving the best food to build the body. It is very cosmopolitan, combining the jellies of guilinggao, red meat burgers, and other various exotic foods like muscle kebabs and cloudberry shakes. The restaurant itself trains everyday. In making the best food for you.

Volcanic Scenic Walk

People can take scenic walks through the inner chambers of the mountain's volcano. They can either leap from rock to rock in grace, or brave walking into the magma. While doing this, they can take rests on the plenty of rocks to cleanse themselves of any toxins — while, of course, holding their breath to avoid being poisoned by lava smoke.