Mr. Satan

The world's most beloved comedic character. Mr. Satan (real name Hercule Satan) has appeared in at least seven-thousand films playing the character of a bodybuilder and martial artist who, despite believing he is the strongest in the world, is actually outclassed by thousands of other musclemaniacs. Much to the annoyance of said musclemaniacs, the media in each film believes Mr. Satan's claims, and he is treated as a unique hero. This contrast between self-delusion and reality has provided countless children and adluts with enough "epic lols" to last until the end of the world. In fact, some of Mr. Satan's films have been banned in a few countries because audiences were laughing themselves to death.

Mr. Satan has a stadium called Satan Stadium wherein he stages comedies. These are two-hour programs featuring Mr. Satan punching other actors dressed up as huge demons. During each encounter, Mr. Satan realizes he is "too weak," and reacts in ways ranging from wriggling his brow, to sweating on the side of his head, to gritting his teeth. Loudspeakers play prerecorded inner dialogues of Mr. Satan worrying about the power level gulf and reaffirming, regardless, that he is the world's strongest and the supreme hero. Not a single one of these comedies has ever not been sold out.