Muscle Babby

Muscle Babbies are beings born with a deeply intimate affinity for muscle. Processed similarly to other babbies, Muscle Babbies are the equivalent of hitting the JACKPOT when using a Human Pumphole. Muscle Babbies are the prodigies among all other babby.

Muscle Babbies upon birth are already at the apex of their development, but even this is not enough. Muscle babbies will relentlessly exercise and ignore everything else even though they are the only beings whose physiques are .001% close to that of the Neo Slam Gods. It is said that muscle babbies develop this instinct in an attempt to recapture the smell of sweat they were born in eternally.

Because of their fierce dedication, muscle babbies do not develop the capacity for language, walking, and mercy. Muscle babbies are so devoted 1000% to musclebuilding that their bodies forget to age or grow. While this all seems overwhelmingly positive, most parents of muscle babbies will abandon them on sight out of jealousy, fear, or a combination of the two. Most muscle babbies thereafter spend their lives tumbling around deep demon forests and crying. 99% of monsters and humans who would dare to go near a muscle babby are usually obliterated on contact.

Because of their tendency to explode others while crying like a SHUT UP!!, most muscle babbies are implicitly excluded from society. Attempts to bring muscle babbies into villages has brought catastrophic failures as not even UFL is enough to develop communication between babbies and people. Muscle babbies' babby-like tendencies also just plain piss people off.

Notable Muscle Babbies

  • Kullervo - When Kullervo is three months old, he is heard uttering vows of revenge and destruction on Untamo's tribe. Untamo tries three times to have Kullervo killed (by drowning, fire, and hanging). Each time, the infant Kullervo is saved by his latent magical powers.