Muscle Force

A power documented since ancient times. Its possessors have intense strength (even without actually having enough muscles), the likes of which can never be achieved through any sort of training. Aside from strength, those who possess this power have also been reported to show great feats in other physical areas as well, such as supersonic speed, supergod reflexes and the ability to produce men bullets and the fabled MEN'S BEAM. The MEN'S BEAM has not been, as of yet, documented or reported anywhere; however, Muscle Force scholars suggest that it is an extreme and raw possibility should those who possess Muscle Force conduct intensive self-study and regular adult training sessions, but the power is yet unknown.

It is a widely believed factual objectivity that those with the Muscle Force only specialise in one or two aspects of it, so one person may mainly hone it to grant incredible strength, while another will supersonic racing. It is said that the Muscle Force is much greater than the Odinforce, and is in fact a rival to the Power Cosmic. This, however, has yet to be proven true.