Muscle Memory

Muscle memory refers to the secrets contained within the muscle. Scholars of Musclemania routinely study the carcasses of great bodybuilders to retrieve memories of their past. The simulacra contained are so similar to Real Life Events that several scholars winded up becoming corpses next to their subjects upon reaching the Final Memory. Therein, their apprentices fall victim to the same fate when investigating the muscle memory of their deceased masters to determine a cause of death. This phenomenon has since been called, Muscle Madness.

The muscle memory of several bodybuilders is so intense and huge that it bulks up their muscles. This is standard practice among high-level bodybuilders who supplant their muscles with the extra bulk derived from muscle memory. Several secret arts are so secret that these martial mysteries must be forgotten the moment they are learned. Through a series of repetitions, the action of doing such moves is embedded into muscle memory and then the practitioner is whacked in the head to forget the process of learning the move itself.