Mutt "Buttons" Maniac

Mutt "Buttons" Maniac was a domesticated human who became conditioned to believe he was a guard dog. He served a guard post at Southern Cross for ten years straight with a perfect record of total annihilation to every intruder and bystander. When his master, Shin, leaped to his death from atop the tower after a brief rustle with Jim Jinpanchi, the sight drove Mutt into depression. He followed a pack of rabid dogs for guidance, but the alpha dogs decided to bite him in the latissimus dorsi and left him on the streets, depressed and bloodied. He became infected from their rabies and grew insane. A trademark of rabies is glowing bulging, red eyes in humans.

Mutt became a mass murderer whose kill count is comparable to Nightmare, the infamous killer of the WHAMESCO Brawl For All. Mutt currently loves stabbing people with bones or bone-shaped objects. He also tends to attract the attention of ventriloquists who love to announce, "KILLING SPREE." One time, a mysterious ventriloquists blurted out, "VIOLENCE PERPETUATES NOTHINGNESS," which made Mutt hesitate for 10 milliseconds.