Mystery of The Whose Ass

The Mystery of The Whose Ass was an incident in which a mysterious ass kept appearing in photos worldwide, in increasingly absurd scales and positions. The ass's trademark was that its upper body was always obscured, disallowing anyone to know whose ass it was.

The incident lasted over a decade and as time went on, the ass appeared in such strange sightings as: covering the entire sky behind a skyship, in the negative space under Nightmare's armpit, suddenly obscuring Big Foot in a photo in a cryptologic museum, in an air vent, and within a toilet bowl. In one brief time, the entirety of pictures in Finland contained at least One Mysterious Ass. "The ass is gaining strength but for what…" was frequently muttered by natural scientists and economists as the ass gained prominence. Cults started forming, worshiping pictures of the ass, proclaiming the ass to be the visage of an Original Slam God who could only be seen in photographs. In time, this belief became public "knowledge," a mass agreed-upon truth for which there was no other explanation.

Then, the ass vanished. Several churches became bankrupt in the span of a few months. Friends separated, and families were destroyed.

Decades later, journalists discover that it was a skylight projection from Bastion of Final Hell that Shadowslam forgot to turn off.