With his "ventriloquist slam" ability, Negabomb can generate the impetus for a slam and then, conserving its ripple effect, relocate it (within a 300 mile radius) before letting it erupt. This talent allows Negabomb to act as a "sniper" during any battle. As if this weren't enough, he can embed a sound effect in the force. Negabomb is reviled by humans for bombarding their settlements with phantom slams that yell out self-fellating things such as, "BINGO DA," "JACKUPOTTU," and "NAISO TEIKUNIKU." He is most fond of doing this when people are trying to sleep, concentrating on philosophic texts, or about to drink tea from a cup filled to the brim.

Negabomb is obsessed with black holes, and believes that they are part of the answer to how he and the other Dark Slam Gods will seek out the Original Slam Gods. It is his belief that black holes have a "Muscle Ceiling," a point where they can no longer affect a subject because said subject has too huge of muscles. When last seen by Satan, Negabomb was building a 500 mile wide particle collider on God Hell Island with the intent of placing himself at the impact site to test his limits.

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