Neon Slam Gods

The Neon Slam Gods are a mysterious group of Slam Gods whose allegiance is even more uncertain than their existence. Scholars are unsure whether they are an offshoot of the Neo Slam Gods or existed in the time of Original Slam Gods. It's possible that they were an alternate group created beside the Neo Slam Gods. Ramrod was supposedly a member of the Neon Slam Gods briefly before joining the Neo Slam Gods, but he denies it and says it was a scribe's foolish mistake.

Despite their questionable canon, the Neon Slam Gods are known for their rich, bright tights that glow in the dark. Audio recordings exist of these mysterious beings uttering, "Neo is Now! But Neon is Forever!" Sightings of Neon Slam Gods mostly occur in night, where their vibrant apparel is blinding, as if the Sun was a mile from the G-Urth. In some sightings, the light was so intense that it lingered for months despite the source being long gone, creating periods of foreboding daytime. In others, the light burned the landscape to a blackened crisp.

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