The Netherworlds are a small country whose distinct feature is being 10,000 km deep within the G-Urth. It is equivalent to a more pathetic Hell. 100% of its population lives under sea level, and its name literally means "CRITICAL-LOW." To prevent deluges, the Netherworlds employ a consistent stream of bodybuilders to push the ocean away from the country. It is a spectacular sight: due to the country's lack of altitude, rows of bodybuilders must stand on their fellows' shoulders whilst pushing.

Such efforts are not terribly effective, and many parts of the Netherworlds face constant destruction from flooding. The average village has a yearly survival rate of 25%. This makes Netherworlders very productive in construction, and many civilians partake in construction projects around the world as migrant workers when exhausted from rebuilding their own homes.

Helland is a region in the Netherworlds. Helland has become a pars pro toto to refer to the Netherworlds as a whole. Most accept this misunderstanding, for it paints their country as something closer to Hell, rather than the abysmal mess it actually is.

The Netherworlds holds a controversial tradition during Xmas during which people become shadows of the night. Other nations disapprove of this because it is very scary.