New MAXSubarashi Shop and Chop Mall

The New MAXSubarashi Shop and Chop Mall is a mall located in the Land of Dragons. It is known for being the world's largest and world's emptiest mall. The mall has been completely vacant since its opening despite the mall developer's claim that it would be the Top Number One in Consumerism.

The mall features over a hundred themed zones based on different dungeons from around the world, including the entirety of Finland. Landmarks include a replica of the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon and miniaturized versions of all the Mountain of Power Procession's exercises that are just as deadly. The Chop part of the mall's name comes from a Chopping-focused section where customers can buy things to chop. This section fared the worst, since consumers decided to just chop everything else instead. The mall contains space for 10,000+ stores. Measurements of the mall have gone uncompleted, as everyone died before they finished measuring the mall.

Goddo Hand, a retail analyst at GoldJING, said: "They set out to the be the biggest, and hoped that being the biggest would be the attracting factor.

It hasn't delivered."

Problems about the New MAXSubarashi arise from common sense, such as its location being in the hellish Genghis Murder Desert, the lack of transportation to the area, and the absence of an airport (places where people can land after being shot from cannons). The possibility of being murdered before entering the mall is 99.9999%.

The only activity in the mall is in the basement where demons and ghosts have set up the most bustling shopping district on G-Urth. However, the basement is off-limits to humans. Humans who try to enter the basement are greeted by a sign that says, "NO DORK ALLOWED."

SEGA Republic

SEGA Republic, a 76,000 sq ft (7,100 m2) indoor theme park, was opened on 21 August 2009. Visitors can enjoy over 150 amusement games; The Redemption Zone hosts one of the religion's largest selection of redemption games as well as a huge selection of winnable hedgehog dildos for all ages. It is a park that is mainly dedicated to SEGA's icon Sonic the Hedgehog. The entrance to Sega Republic is located in HELL.


On the second month of the Lordwham, the aquarium sprung a leak, which led many shops to temporarily close down and forced shoppers to evacuate the mall. Evidence points to Forneus escaping from the aquarium and making a 1mm-wide crack. One woman was really scared, but others acted like nothing was happening. The lower-ground and ground floor areas were cordoned off and cleaners were seen mopping the floor. Most shops in the vicinity were also shuttered.

"I heard a loud ‘doush' noise and suddenly a lot of water was flowing all over the ground," said eye-witness Nadine B., 29, from Großtodeswald.

The aquarium reopened the following day.