First Appearance Episode 2: Wonderful ANIKI!!
Title Perfectly Ultimate Great Thing,
The Turban Tornado
Rank Aniki of the SOUL
Role Fighter/Persian with the
Buffer Chest
Status DEAD
Cause of Death Got punched pretty hard
Powers Beauty and Boldness
Unarmed Combat
Weapon Master
Super Strength
Attractive Male
Abilities Killing
Vast repertoire of wrestling
Immaculate application
of makeup
Perfected work-out routines
Making the perfect tea
Grim Synergy Ultimate Body
Age 37
Country The Scorching Deserts
of the Certain East
Height 189 cm
Weight 120 kg
Speed Speed of Light Mode
Power Level Monumental
Blood Type UNKNOWN
Family The Caliph and his wife
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes Many things, including
Dislikes Having dislikes
Treasures His impeccable taste
Hobbies Indulging himself with
various entertaining
Favorite Food Anything that tastes good
Forte in Sports Football
Fighting Style Bare Fist of the Glamorous
Weapon of Choice Scimitar
Keer Smasher
Attacks The Touch
Camel Clutch
Great Smirk
Turban Tornado
Sir Kick
Certain Clothesline
Humungaad Elbow
Sonic Knuckle
(Announces all attack names
Battle Cry Yells like super high
class the princess on
the Himalaya mountains
playing elven piano
Win Quote "Welcome to Nightmare."
Most Unpleasant Disgusting evil
Weakness Being DEAD
Favorite Music Glam Rock/Metal
Personality Glamorous Prince
An unbelievably Glam

"I love cutting tails.
Since I use great sword, I'm #1 tail cutter

-Nightmare on tail cutting.

"Ever since I was little, I've had this dream of fighting a billion guys."

-Nightmare on his childhood dreams

"I always dreamed of fixing a roof one day."

-Nightmare on his adult dreams

"I don't feel good about killing ANYTHING,
even though I love killing…"

-Nightmare on the love of life and the love of killing

"I don't mind dying,
My legend lives on"

Nightmare proceeds to flex

"Shinu ga yoi…"

Nightmare on dying

"So I never truly die…"

-Nightmare on being dead

Everyone has childhood dreams they aspire to, but so quickly discard. Nightmare is an exception in that he has accomplished all of his childhood dreams, and perhaps the dreams of every child on the planet. If there was a word to describe Nightmare, it'd be "Dream." A seeming contradiction until you meet him on the battlefield as Enemy.

Nightmare is a bodybuilding champion, actor, songwriter, screenwriter, historian, vocalist, musician, philosopher, aesthetician, and professional killer. Nightmare has the ability to tame all dragons. He has tamed over 98475 dragons, inspiring the movie, "How to Train Your 98475 Dragons."

What lies in his soul is Damnation and Destruction.


Nightmare was the courageous brother of Peklo as well as the most beautiful man in all of The Chapel. Not only was he beautiful, but he was strong too, able to lift ten elephants on one finger. He died during the Fall of The Chapel by The Successor. His body parts are rumored to be spread across the world and when they are brought together, he will be revived and bring an end to the Grimening.

A Royal Upbringing and Monster Hunting

A miraculous young man was born under the wing of majesty. To be fostered as the great Prince of Certain Country, his father, the Caliph ensured that his son would be as strong as the floods of Great Keer River and braver than the most fearsome Felynes. Since his youth, the Prince trained day and night in the harsh sandstorms mustered by the Jhen Mohran, an ancient dragon sleeping within the sands whose sandstorms are a thousand times crueler than nature’s own. In time, the Prince would have a meticulously sculpted body as beautiful as the most handsome. Despite a handful of near-death incidents and the death of beloved trainers and teachers, Prince never lost his optimism. On the other hand, training with Prince against the Jhen Mohran was said to be like a death sentence, an utter nightmare because of the beast’s terrible strength. Most of the time, the Prince would have to save his own trainers and teachers.

In the court, the Prince held a peculiar attitude. He was very laid back and happy, in contrast to the high stress and anguish of the high government officials who cried about the Caliph’s policies, thinking they would turn over ruin. But the Prince, wizened in his sandstorm training, understood the laws and motions of the world. He understood the policies would nurture a greater empire, at the cost of hard times at first.

Career at WHAMESCO

Nightmare was briefly a member of the World Heritage Amicable Muscular Explosive Scientific and Cultural Organization and garnered much attention by introducing the 24/7 rule to the Hardcore Championships. Nightmare eventually lost favor and left the company when he killed several prominent wrestlers during the WHAMESCO Brawl For All, including Stooge McQueen, Nun Ninja, Galaxy Bend-It, Tornado Tamale, MACHO: Master of Terror, the Overtaker, Knuckles the Echidna, Dick Rude, Catastrophe Thor, Triple Z to the P, Kill-Me Mel Killroy, Goku, Dag Finite, Jane Cena, Ultimate Thyroid, Twin Kidneys, Ramenmen, Bale of Hail, King Impossible-to-Kill, Disaster Master, Jhen Moron, Horseneck Henry, Double Impact, New Generation, Fatnasty Fantasy, and Halk Hagan.

Nightmare's last match at WHAMESCO was plagued with foul play. Big Satan, his opponent, fearing Nightmare would kill him employed the services of the Cockroach Satan to antagonize Nightmare. For a straight week, cockroaches would burst from Nightmare's cabinets, bed-sheets, and shower-head to keep him off the edge. Nightmare lost against Big Satan and developed a phobia of cockroaches. On the day of the match, it is said that Cockroach Satan's final technique was to replace the entire audience with cockroaches.


Seeing Peklo

By the age of 20, the Prince witnessed the miraculous golden age of Certain Country. Proficient with the scimitar and skilled and knowledgeable in many other aspects of life, the Prince sought to expand his horizons and travel the world. His parents allowed this on one condition: that he actually defeat the Jhen Mohran. The Prince accepted, thrilled to take on the great drake himself, and emerged victorious. Saying his goodbyes, and now a true man, the Prince left Certain Country alone. However, he needed a mantle; he couldn't just go everywhere and utter his name as the Prince of Certain Country. He thought about this and decided to call himself "Nightmare", for no other reason than just liking that word, and began his travels.

He traveled to Eurump, home of a vastly different culture. He heard rumors of goblins, trolls, and even Satans. They piqued his interest as well as his scimitar’s. He would travel for 2 years. There are many records of the fine deeds he did. Nightmare dispatched the horrendous Jay Leno of Italy by busting its chin with his own well-chiseled chin, trampled the horde of Jaggi across a flat plain, broke and rode the fierce Lagiacrus in Wolfgang Krauser's moat, beat several Deviljho in an eating contest then ate them, and won the Ho Most Beautiful Contest in Paris. He spanned the entire subcontinent before reaching the grim lands of Finland. Nightmare never felt such dread before. The whole place was so dreary and weighed heavily on his heart. But like always, he brimmed with that sun-like glow like in the court of Certain Country. Nightmare would stumble upon the smog-ridden caverns of Smaug. He prepared to face the dragon, but from the shadows leapt a black haired man. The man started fighting the monstrous dragon and finally defeated the beast. Nightmare was mightily impressed by the man's strength and fortitude.

The Ant Massacre

Before investigating the man who so awed him, Nightmare returned to attend the annual "Festival of Fear", unaware that the capital was under attack by heavy-headed Giga Hormone ants. Nightmare still failed to notice until he went to the men's room to relieve him, and gasped in horror as his entire crotch had the entirety of the Giga Hormone ant army stuck to it, dead from suffocation.

The Caliph granted the Nightmare with the honorary title of Iron Shriek.

Meeting Peklo

Nightmare was not able to speak to the man, as the man grimly stowed away into the frostbitten forests, but it left a heavy mark on his soul. Nightmare investigated the local mead halls and received information that such a strong man could only come from the Chapel. Nightmare would take a boat to Chapel. The scents of muscular beauty enticed his senses. Therein he met many men whom he could actually see eye-to-eye with, and this was perhaps the most thrilling part of his life. But it would not be until a year later that he would meet the man. The man’s name was Peklo.
He formed a brotherly bond with the great man, Peklo. Together, he felt nothing could stop them, and his fears were neutralized. Unfortunately, this was not to be true, as The Successor's corruption led to Nightmare's ultimate demise. He now lays in many places at once, his body being separated into many parts. Dead.


Occasionally, Nightmare's laughs can be heard, even if his spirit is in another place, suggesting the ability to warp through time and space. In lucky cases, you can hear him encourage Chapelpeople to kill others.


Nightmare consistently won the top place in every Sexiest Man Alive award. After his death, he has consistently won the top place for every Sexiest Man Dead award.

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms of Nightmare, in its current form, dates back to the time Nightmare woke in cold sweat, terrified and aroused of what he had just seen in his dreams: a beautiful horse galloping across the night sky. He looked out the window and saw the visage of a giant glowing horseshoe and made it his coat of arms. On the coat of arms, the crescent moon is represented by a horseshoe in the shape of the crescent moon, resembling a horseshoe.

When interviewed about the meaning of the symbol, Nightmare turned to the camera and sensually whispered, "Full Moon Galloper."