Nightmare Joe
Nightmare Joe
First Appearance {$first}
Title Metal Mayhem
Rank Aniki of the KILL
Role Ultimate Being
Status Unknown
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers Beauty and Sharpness
Abilities Destroying
Grim Synergy Himself
Age Ageless
Country The Concept of Destruction
Height 200 cm
Weight 100 kg
Speed Faster than Light
(but likes to take things
at his own pace)
Power Level To the Nth Power
Blood Type Liquid Metal
Family None
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes Something on his forehead,
final moments
Dislikes Peace
Treasures Oblivion
Hobbies Destruction and
Favorite Food None (He doesn't eat)
Forte in Sports Anything
Fighting Style Original
Weapon of Choice Various weapons
within his body
Attacks Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
Arm Blades
Hair Tussle
Battle Cry "You don't got The Touch.
Go away."
Win Quote "Feel free to die when
you've had enough."
Most Unpleasant Disgusting good
Weakness None (Except HIMSELF)
Favorite Music None (He doesn't
listen to music)
Personality Destroyer of Destruction
An unbelievably Destroyer

Nightmare Joe is the ultimate form of Nightmare.