Nightmare the Jujin Level 3

A super-powerful fighter who was banned from tournaments for his reckless behavior.

Nightmare the Jujin Level 3 (Jujin, for short) would, before every match, power up for at least thirty minutes. Although the light show was spectacular, the arena often suffered significant damage, usually becoming a five-mile-wide/500-feet-deep crater with a single pinnacle upon which Jujin stood. Furthermore, once a match began, there was a 75% chance that Jujin would use his Chikara to fly into the sky and out of sight. His punches, kicks, and battle cries were still audible, and this lead viewers to believe that Jujin had gone to train; however, this seems unlikely, as Jujin was already as maximum as one could be, and required no further training. Analysts and biographers instead believe that Jujin's incredible power was balanced out by a crushing type of tic which prompted him to ascend.

One time, Jujin asended so high that he left the G-urth's atmosphere and did not return until a year later. His hair was now gray instead of blue, and it is said that this was a result of his absorption of Space Sephiroth. Jujin was not given a chance to demonstrate his newfound power, though, for by this time he had been ceaselessly discharged from all fighting competitions. Outraged, Jujin vowed to destroy the whole galaxy. However, it would take a lot of power to accomplish this, and a lot of time — twenty-five thousand years of nonstop powering up. Jujin died of old age on a spire of rock, surrounded by a Dracula Hole his powering up had created. It remains the only Dracula Hole not made by Muscle Satans.