Notorious B.I.G.G.E.S.T.

Notorious B.I.G.G.E.S.T. (N ☆ BGST) revolutionized lyrical invention within poetry and songs following the death of Slam Poetry. While critics and theorists were saying that lyricism in all its forms was dead because every rhyme had been rhummed, N ☆ BGST was at work on his first album, Ring a Dong Dillo. The artistic world turned on its head when it heard the opening track's first two lines:

"[Expletive deleted] in my moof
Like corn on the coof

As music critic Jangum Jittle wrote following Ring a Dong Dillo's release: "N ☆ BGST has changed the rules; rather than subjecting us to worn out rhymes, he has devised new endings to familiar words [author's note: the two in the quoted lyrics are "mouth" and "cob"], allowing for billions of fresh rhyming possibilities." Another critic, writing for the esteemed Sackbutt journal, said, "This might be literally a masterpiece," drawing attention to the lines,

"Dingle like a ringle you flingle
Imma tingle like a bingle if you don't skingle
[Expletive deleted] [Expletive deleted] [Expletive deleted] damn