Octopus Rourke

Octopus Rourke, also known as O. Rourke, is a wrestler working for WHAMESCO. A heel, he is a known enemy of Cotrangl and Megaloldon. Unlike his rivals, however, he did not abandon his original form, and remains as an octopus. He and the two have had many feuds together, their lifelong feud notwithstanding. He is known for being an incredibly difficult opponent to wrestle, owed to his having eight arms and eight crotches. Wrestlers with two arms know full well the futility of having to apply a full nelson on an opponent with eight arms, and trying to apply a crotch hold on an opponent with eight crotches. He has thus been deemed The Most Dangerous Heel Alive by WHAMESCO. He has also had many tag team matches alongside his partner and best friend, Karl Boss, mostly against the team of Cotrangl and Megaloldon.

His speciality matches are the Aquarium Death Matches, where he and an opponent start wrestling at the bottom of an enormous aquarium and must kill or subdue the other to escape to the surface, thus being branded the winner.


Rourke first started wrestling at the age of two. Hailing from a family of wrestlers, he and his 100,000 siblings' collective destiny was sealed from day 1. After a year of training, the Rourke family of octopuses have to go through a trial to prove themselves Master Wrestlers of the Deep. This trial involves wrestling a hungry sperm whale, the arch-enemy of octopuses and squids alike. Rourke's siblings had all undergone this trial and did not survive, and thus, the pressure on Rourke was great. On the night before the trial, he went to his grandfather's house for some wisdom concerning the trial. His grandfather only told him a few words: "A sperm whale can only pin you, but you can put it in various different holds. Show him what it feels like to be a crab from Boston!"

Feeling inspired and his courage renewed, Rourke spent the rest of the night drinking and playing video games. The next morning however, he woke up with a massive hangover. Rourke had difficulty removing himself from his bed and getting into his warm-up routine before the trial. Feigning his well-being, Rourke went out and greeted his parents, the champions of the previous generation, and swam towards the sperm whale in one supersonic shot. At only the age of three, he was the youngest octopus yet to challenge the trial.

The first thing Rourke attempted was to take the sperm whale into a sleeper hold. Though it seemed like a success at first, Rourke then noticed the innumerable amounts of octopus sucker marks on the whale. He realised that this whale has been through generations of octopus wrestling and was wise to their tricks. The shock of the revelation, combined with his hangover, made him react too late when he realised the whale had slammed him into a nearby undersea volcano. Feeling dizzy, Rourke let go of the whale and attempted to recollect himself. At that moment, the volcano erupted, and Rourke had an idea. He provoked the whale and slapped it with the Rourke family technique, Eight Leg Wheel of Hell, then shot a massive stream of ink into its eyes. The whale went closer and closer to the erupting volcano. The heat made it panic and run back. Using this opportunity, Rourke took the whale and put it into an eight-legged Boston Crab. Rourke pulled with all his might and the whale snapped in half, finally ending the Rourke family's nemesis.

Though his family were not very happy with the death of their trial whale, they nonetheless celebrated Rourke's clever and overwhelming victory, noting that it only took five minutes while every other match had taken at least ten hours to complete. Rourke was dubbed a genius of wrestling and toured around the world's seas, wrestling as many opponents as he could and coming out victorious every time.

Meeting Karl Boss

During one of these tours, he met Karl Boss. Though Rourke had faced many dangerous opponents, Karl Boss felt different. There was something incredibly powerful about the shrimp wrestler's aura. Feeling anxiety for the first time since the day of his trial, Rourke had a sweatdrop. Boss merely chuckled and the match began. Rourke attempted to put Karl Boss into a hold, but Boss merely blasted all eight legs of Rourke in one millionth of a second, then pinned Rourke for the fastest match in the history of the sea, clocking at only one millionth of a second above three seconds.

In the locker room, Rourke was furious and depressed that his legs had been so savagely injured and that he, considered a one in a trillion genius, was beaten so easily by a no-name amateur. He then noticed Boss leaning against the locker room door and looking at him. Boss only said "It's too bad about your legs, but they'll heal, and then you can wrestle again," and left.

Hearing those inspiring words from the person who was his enemy until moments ago was strange for Rourke, and instilled in him an obsession to chase Boss around and find him for a rematch. When he found Boss, however, he found him wrestling the famous, undefeated killer whale champion, Orcus, also known as the God of the Undersea. Though Boss was known for defeating opponents several time his size with ease (as was the case with Rourke), Orcus was too enormous even for Boss. Boss' strikes were of little effect and Orcus slammed his claws easily pinned the shrimp. Seeing his rival defeated with such ease, Rourke made his way to the locker room, where he saw Boss in the same state as Rourke himself was sometime ago. Rourke leaned against the door and only said "It's too bad about your claws, but they'll heal, and then you can wrestle again," and left.

Boss and Rourke met again a year later after a promotion had them team up for a tag match, and they defeated the reigning tag champions, the Moray Brothers. Since then, their popularity as a tag team skyrocketed and they have been best friends ever since.

Meeting Cotrangl

After a while of doing tag matches, Rourke was asked to do something outrageous to save the wrestling promotion from certain bankruptcy. Rourke thought long and hard for weeks, and eventually remembered the legend of the great manta ray, Cotrangl, from the days of his ancestors. Cotrangl was known for being an undefeated legend in the sea, even before his climb to the surface, but that's what most denizens of the sea passed him off as: merely a legend. Rourke, however, decided to follow his gut instincts and find Cotrangl. After a few months of searching, he was about to give up and the wrestling promotion was about to go under when suddenly, he bumped into Cotrangl at the deepest depth of the ocean. Rourke pleaded for Cotrangl to reveal himself and wrestle him to save the wrestling promotion, and Cotrangl agreed.

The match was set and Cotrangl wrestled Rourke. Cotrangl's speed, power and technique were unmatched and Rourke was pinned in exactly three seconds, even less time than it took for Boss. The promotion was saved with this spectacular match, but it was Cotrangl who rose to stardom and Rourke was relegated to a heel on the sidelines. Cotrangl disappeared afterwards, but even so, Rourke was no longer enjoying the fame and work he had enjoyed for the past three years. Embittered and cynical, his heel gimmick slowly took over his real personality and he turned into a villain, using whatever methods he could to get a win. This made his popularity hit rock bottom, and he was eventually fired and the Rourke family officially disowned him for shaming their proud name.

Unable to bear any of this, he blamed Cotrangl and retreated to a lair deep in the sea, symbolically also deepening his grudge for Cotrangl and all other creatures in the sea. Boss, his only supporter during his villainous days, joined him.

Surface world and WHAMESCO

After ten million years, Rourke had achieved the final form of the Rourke species of octopus: he was now 1.5km long, 1km of that belonging to his tentacles, and had a diameter of 750m. Feeling bored of wrestling only small fries and angler fish, he swam away into the rest of the sea. He heard that apparently, the legendary Cotrangl had now assumed the shape of a human being, and gone to the surface world and become a famous wrestling star there. Rourke was intrigued, and jumped out of the sea and slammed into WHAMESCO alongside Boss, who was also comparatively enormous now. Though many were frightened, Cotrangl recognised Rourke and Boss and put in a word with the management to hire them. Sensing a great evil in his heart, Cotrangl made it his life mission to wrestle the evil out of Rourke.

It is here that Rourke devised the Aquarium Death Match, in an attempt to drown as many WHAMESCO wrestlers as he could.

Wrestling style

Rourke is known most famously for his unbreakable holds, and for being, in return, unholdable. This is typical of octopus wrestlers in general, but the Rourke family in particular has perfected these techniques.