Oda Nobunaga

Oda Nobunaga was the Dracula who ruled Land of Taiyou for 500 years. Historically, he was the most attractive Dracula alive. He was also known for ripping open the trade lines between Land of Taiyou and the West, culminating in an excessive pumping of anime into Eurump; all the while, Nobunaga became a patron of Slam Missionaries, giving them free reign to slam anywhere they desired. Nobunaga himself was largely invested in collecting wrestling memorabilia. It is said he collected so much that WHAMESCO's profits increased a thousand-fold.

Nobunga's downfall began when he affectionately called a retainer "kumquat head." The retainer, Chris Jericho Beaumont, burned Nobunaga in the Temple of Ultimate Warrior. It is said that the incredible military prowess of Nobunaga was undermined by his extreme investment in watching every wrestling match ever recorded. The temple was struck while Nobunaga was marathoning all of the Ultimate Warrior's matches.

One of Nobunaga's projects was creating a time machine to record matches lost to time, such as the famous Pumpatron vs. Badend Steel Cage Match.