Old Finland

Old Finland is a mysterious landmass that surrounds all continents. It is nigh impenetrable, and most of it is covered in ice. The frozen desert is elevated over other landmasses by about 500,000,000%, and is the reason for the Big Night. Being within several thousand kilometers of Old Finland's borders will cast an explorer in complete darkness for 99% of a day, as the sun will never reach them due to Old Finland's elevation until the brief hour of noon. Exploration of the continent remains neglected.

In earlier centuries, explorers found its high walls an impasse; later on, other explorers seeking to find the "edge of the world" were routinely punched into oblivion by the wild demons that dwell atop the Old Finnish glaciers.

It is said that underneath all of Old Finland's ice is a thick layer of permafrost, home to the nameless shadow dwarves.