Operation Skyspider

Operation Skyspider was a marketing campaign by someone claiming to be Jackbiggu advertising his world-famous spider legs. In actuality, it was a covert operation to destroy Peklo. Despite its "intentions" to be a friendly dropping of food to eager fans, a design oversight, led to the spider legs being plummeted at supersonic speeds. There were plans for ten flights, but only one came into fruition. Upon the destruction of several Finnish towns, the effigies of Jackbiggu were burned, and those burned effigies were then launched at the Jackbiggu helicopters, to eliminate further attempts and the people involved.

Jackbiggu had to personally descend from the Cradle of Cram to resolve the misunderstanding, but upon seeing debris of his figure strewn across Finland, he erupted into a fearsome rage. Fortunately, all he did was run around Finland very fast.