Original Slam Gods

They are the creators of the world in the Book of Slams. Numbering three in total, the Original Slam Gods created the universe through the Babby Slam, wherein they generated matter through cosmic groinal thrusts.

The first humans were endowed with an innate slamming ability, but were stripped of such a power after wars broke out over arguments of who had the grandest slam. Following this, as technology developed, humans began to construct artificial slamming devices, and did battle once again. This nearly destroyed the planet, but for a last minute intervention by the Original Slam Gods. After this disappointment, the Original Slam Gods assigned the Neo Slam Gods the task of looking over mankind and vanished.

It is said that a minor performative error in the Babby Slam produced a great evil in the Beyond, dubbed the Dark Mals, and that the Original Slam Gods will return when this evil finds its way to G-Urth one day. Others claim that the Original Slam Gods left precisely to combat the Dark Mals, and have been engaged in an unending slamtacular battle with it since their exit.

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