Overseer Bellibuco

Overseer Bellibuco is a Fatican cardinal. With only two eyes, he felt inefficient at spying on people and blackmailing them into buying indulgences. With the church paying clergy based on indulgence commissions, Bellibuco wanted an extra edge. In an attempt to watch over the Fatican flock more sharply, he approached numerous doctors and apothecaries to surgically implant additional eyes to his visage. However, his new crown of eyes were far too many and caused his field of view to warp to the extremes, rendering his sight nigh useless for voyeuristic purposes. He later installed a mouth into his abdomen so that it could munch on any person or demon that got in his way.

Despite the failure of Bellibuco's surgeries, he amassed a net worth of several trillion bingles. This was due in part to Bellibuco's side hobby of pest control by running around a client's house and devouring every pest with his belly-muncher. His success is otherwise attributed to him eating other cardinals. All in all, it was a sound investment.

Bellibuco claims that his family tree has ties to the enigmatic Bordwatcher.