Paiskautuvista Yöllä

The Paiskautuvista Yöllä tribe is a Grablin bandit group led by Gumberdomp Slamingo Mäiskäyttää the Third. They raid human settlements at night when slamming is at its greatest strength. Despite their infamy of bandit raids, the Paiskautuvista Yöllä tribe is one of the few goblin communities officially recognized as a state. During the Slam vs. Ram conflict, the Paiskautuvista Yöllä tribe were pivotal in slamming the defenses of what was thought to be the impenetrable Ram stronghold of Pumpanott, and so gained the favor of numerous Slam states. Said precedent remains unbroken long after the conflict. The Paiskautuvista Yöllä tribe uses this to formulate cutthroat treaties with lesser human towns, allowing them to slam the towns all they want.

The Paiskautuvista Yöllä tribe are nomadic, but their main camp features a world-class wrestling ring that is often used by the World Heritage Amicable Muscular Explosive Scientific and Cultural Organization. The ring is made from spider offal.