First Appearance Episode 1:
The Beginning is The End!
Title Fist of the Grim Star
Rank Moderhater
Role Nuker/Tank
Status Cabin-dwelling hermit
Cause of Death Fell into giant toilet bowl
that opened beneath Finland
Powers A distinct black aura,
Inspiring aggression in others,
Being the dark
Abilities Withstanding badanime
that references Finland
Grim Synergy The ability to manifest his
grimness in a radius of 1,000 km
Age 45
Country Finland
Height 215 cm
Weight 10,000 stone
Speed {$speed}
Power Level Enormuscle
Blood Type AB
Family His father, Dracuwa Kumoto,
and his brother and sister,
but he has not seen them
since he first left the village
Marital Status Single
Likes Musclewomen
Dislikes Moe
Treasures His memories of brighter days
Hobbies Cooking, Doujinshi
Favorite Food Burgers
Forte in Sports Killing
Fighting Style Sheer Grimness
Weapon of Choice Bare Fists,
Snow Shovel
Attacks {$attacks}
Battle Cry Agghhhhh!
Win Quote "Try harder."
Most Unpleasant Spiders
Weakness Spiders
Favorite Music Black Metal
Personality Maximum Downer
An unbelievably Grim

"I’m a Dark Knight on the outside, but my heart is just as dark…!."


Peklo is Satan.


Peklo was the progeny of a proud bloodline. His father was a great bodybuilder involved in the opening ceremonies of the Mountain of Power Procession, and his grandfather is even said to have constructed the entire village where his clan resides. And yet beyond this proud heritage is a distant man, cold to all. He is unbelievably grim and some even doubt that its intensity is linked to the Finnish taste for melancholy. Many beckon this as a sign of his mastery of Grim while others question, saying it is a mighty flaw brutal enough to toss Atlas from holding the world.

Childhood to Manhood by Grim Consequence

The life of a young Peklo was simple like a pastoral myth. He shoveled the snow, fed the wolves, and crafted swords. He quivered in excitement at tales like that of the Riddle of Grim, and buried his head under sheets when hearing of The Drummer. But this youth would be transformed with the coming of a great and still mysterious catastrophe known as the Deep Fog. As if lured on by a sweet siren, Peklo headed into the fog against the warnings of all his brethren. Yet he returned as a man, stern and efficient in his approach. Peklo himself will only hint at what happened, saying he met Immortal. While the Fog decimated Eurump’s population, Peklo’s village was spared. It is rumored that Immortal were merely seeking out worthy men to influence. Their mere presence swept Eurump under a frostbitten blanket of death and misery. In this new grim world, vacuums of power erupted all across and Peklo took up the sword in search of adventure, his long raven hairs twirling in the bloody squalls.

An Era of Adventure

His adventures would mark him a savage barbarian, and his exploits, such as braving the citadel of BILBABALBABUL, intrigued a man known only as The Successor. Meeting the leathery battle-worn Peklo at a tavern off the glacier-coast of Blashyrkh, Successor persuaded the man to come to the Chapel and reform his ways into that of a muscular intellectual. A few months passed and Peklo would only grimly grunt at the Chapel’s forum. On the other hand, he fared magnificently in the Chapel’s mercenary battles. This coupled with his frightening stature persuaded Successor to relish the title of Commander upon him, to command the people with unadulterated fear and hatred. However, even then, Peklo was not at the maximum capacity for Grim. One of the final nails in instilling the utmost Grim in Peklo was during an adventure in the Braunerlands where he lost his heart, but following incidents would mark his life with an even more immeasurable amount of Grim.

Meeting His Sworn Brother

But then one day, his eyes met upon the gaze of the tough n' cool Nightmare, a man who combined the Beauty with the Buffness, before it was mainstream in bodybuilding circles. He was from the Certain Country and proficient with the scimitar. But what truly intrigued Peklo was Nightmare’s fascination with musclemania. Peklo’s own body was already conditioned into that of the greatest Titan, but to uncover the balance between strength and beauty roused his curiosities. For once in his life again, he could recall the sweet fascination he had in his childhood. And so begun a harmonious kinship between the two.

The two shared a long career at the Chapel, full of swashbuckling and intrigue. Despite the separation the two would face from Nightmare’s blood-curse that often inhibited his traveling, they were the closest duo in the Chapel’s forces. Unfortunately, this only made it all the more tragic when Successor betrayed his men, shattering Nightmare into a dozen limbs in front of Peklo. Nightmare lies strewn across thousands of miles and Peklo resides in the lowest pits of Hell to drown himself in the fires of guilt. Peklo’s heart is now at an extreme grim it has never known before, and no one can foretell the consequences.


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