Pharaoh Sunshine

Pharaoh Sunshine is a jizz musician who leads a cult in Certain Country. Crowned with an ancient headdress whose origins are claimed to be extraterrestrial, Pharaoh Sunshine commandeers a movement that focuses more on cosmic philosophy than hardy muscle. Pharaoh Sunshine himself dislikes the term philosophy when referring to his doctrine, preferring it to be called mathematics. Baxter Ramms dismisses Pharaoh Sunshine's entire ideology because of this.

Pharaoh Sunshine is fiercely against the entertainment industry and believes the only way that mankind can find peace is to find its place in space and ditch entertainment executives back on g-urth. Because the entertainment industry technically includes such legendary figures as Dag Infinite, Basil Gorgeous, and Nightmare, many have directly criticized Pharaoh's "mathematics," calling it an insult to the Slam Gods and the historical cult of physicality. In response, Pharaoh threatened that he was researching ways to destroy dumbbells. While taken as an empty threat, many Certain officials are now agape at the sudden disappearance of several Certain gymnasiums and the appearance of crop circles in the countryside that spell out "SPACE IS THE PLACE".

Pharaoh's efforts have also inspired technological endeavors to bring humans to space. Because of Pharaoh's views, many have grouped these endeavors with a similar degree of blasphemy, while some countries enjoy a healthy rivalry known as the Race for Space: Time to Find Our Place.

"Discipline" is Pharaoh's favorite word. He tends to use it as a constant buzzword in his mathematics. Pharaoh's magnum opus, Discipline 524: Discipline of the Disciplines, has a world record of three trillion instances of the word "discipline." Pharaoh has also been given sanctions because of his involvement with plastering discipline word stickers on signs. He once convinced the small Certain Country town of Tehtron that it was named Tehtron Discipline, and that the instance of discipline always preceding the subject was actually inherent to grammatical structure.

Pharaoh is also an important figure in the free jizz movement. While free jizz first emerged as anti-Successor sentiments under the name Free Giz, the musicians of the movement soon branched off. Dilbert Durer once said, "Fredo was the Father, Pharoah was the Son, I am the Gnostic Fart." Pharaoh's musical technique is most well known for its sheets of sand, in which Pharaoh's jizzaphone can create strong bursts of sand. His mind-blowing hissatsu is to create a sandstorm. But because of his fearsome technique, he rarely collaborates, as the sand causes horrific damage to adjacent instruments.