Pillihousuni was the legendary goblin renowned for inventing the trouser. Despite the harsh winters of Finland, many goblins and humans donned simple loinclothes. Upon running into a tonttu that had stolen a farmer's straw, Pillihousuni was inspired to create leg coverings. After a decade, he finally fashioned himself a pair of straw pants. When a Finnish hunter, Slummitaloissa, stumbled upon Pillihousuni, he killed Pillihousuni and pillaged his pants. For many centuries, the Finnish hunter was celebrated as the demigod of trousers until historians discovered numerous goblin texts that were Pillihousuni's own notes on the development of his trousers. Slummitaloissa, whose popularity was so immense that a statue was erected in every town, faced immediate disgust. All of his statues were defaced so that none of them were left wearing pants. In addition, many of the statues received grattifi, most commonly said: "May the goblin take it."