Piss Ant

The Piss Ant is a distinct species of ant that lives in Jut's Farm and is known for its extremely corrosive urine. Unlike other ants, the act of urination is an important part of the Piss Ant's societal structure. Great public works often employ the use of piss to meld and construct various structures made from concrete, wood, and other material that ants do not usually use.

If someone were to dig into Jut's Farm, they would find a reservoir of miniature cities that rival the grandeur of dwarven megalopolises. Unlike normal ant societies, Piss Ants are arranged in a hierarchy of who can piss the most. The queen of ants is the appropriately named Queen of Pissing (放尿の女王 Hōnyō no joō), and is involved in the process of construction with her fellow ants. Those who cannot piss enough are dumped into an aquifer as punishment. From the human perspective of sexual deviance, Piss Ants are avid fans of watersports.

The Piss Ants are the natural rivals of the termite, and they often hold sport competitions to take down entire Dracula Holes. Occasionally, they try to destroy Antique Table. Several wars between the species have been linked with continental drifting, an emerging geologic trend that deviates from the myth of Slam Devils living in the G-Urth's core.