A bodybuilding sport involving 5-foot-wide discs called "caps" or, most commonly, "POGs," that are stacked upon one another, forming a leaning tower of luscious, and then slammed with thicker equally wide discs called "slammers." POG matches are internationally broadcast, and have retained a higher viewership since they began twenty years ago. A miniaturized version of the game is practiced by non-bodybuilding types. The aim of the game is to collect the POGs of an opponent that have landed upright after a SLAM. Experts and appreciators alike claim that a considerable amount of skill goes into a SLAM, but have yet to prove to skeptics that the action involves more than swinging one's arm down while holding a slammer.

In official POG matches, POGs are demons that have been captured by coolly disinterested Demon Hunters and pressed into immobile discs by compressors in the POG Factory. Slammers are metallic discs, usually around two feet in thickness, that contain the spirits of demons that have been specially enraged by professional Demon Mockers; the slammers have a device built into them called a Hell Harnesser that causes a demon spirit's rage to circulate through the slammer's body and grant it a violent speed and Kono Aura Ga when it is swung down by a bodybuilder. Slammers are granted names by their wielders similar to the tradition of naming one's sword, axe, or other primary hand-to-hand weapon. One well-known example is Ya-Ka-Hick-A-Mick-A-Do-La, guided by the hands of Rock Nullgut.