A lewd place of dwelling for satyrs, oil enthusiasts, bonner blasters, mega mammaries, and bifurcated butts. The city is known to outsiders only through its distribution of homegrown Adlut movies and photographs. Analysts conclude that it is located in a warm clime and is situated at an elevated height that affords a vague, distant view of settlements below. Some analysts argue that Pornopolis exists on the floating island of legend, Bigrumpia.

Sociologists believe that Pornopolis' citizens worship a goddess called the Big Bang Booty, based upon the ubiquitous worship of butts in its media. It is also believed that all its citizens are in a constant state of mega-arousal due to a rare condition called infinite adolescentia, and that this charged state can only be quelled by constant orgies. Like other humans, the city's citizens are dimorphic, but the male and female genders are unlike other humans. Males exist as a floating thick-fingered hand and a pair of truncated thighs sporting giga-bonners. Females are a huge butt that obscures a tiny head at the front, and which is connected to two tiny tapering legs. It is unknown what caused these developments in anatomy.

No impregnation seems to occur in Pornopolis. The conception and continued existence of its citizens' is thus a mystery.