Potato Goblin

The Potato Goblin is a foul-faced goblin who is rumored to inhabit Jut's Farm, though sightings are common throughout rural Finland. The Potato Goblin is named for its potato-shaped face that strikes fear into the people who spot it. Those who manage to catch a glimpse of the Potato Goblin are soon pounded into human mashed potatoes. But ultimately, the goblin is a horrendous pest because it also turns livestock mash, a travesty in a country whose cuisine was named the worst by scientists because of their dependence on grub, roots, and and rye bread.

Besides its potato-shaped face, physical descriptions of the potato goblin are varied and loose. Some say it is stocky like a tonttu, with a unkempt beard, its own habitat for fungi and insects who live off the dried blood that sits in the grisly hair. While others say the potato goblin is as tall as a bear with a body enveloped in a rich coat of moss-covered hair, but with a head that quite literally resembles a potato. There are no eyes, mouths, or anything humanoid on its face; it is simply a plain potato.

Despite the numerous deaths of humans and livestock alike, the scientific community disregards its existence because of lack of evidence.