Praise the Pun!

"Praise the pun!" was a short-lived Burgburg neologism after Blumbeen MXV decreed that all pun-sayers be skewered on the Whamaton Monument. Comedians, jokers, jesters, and jackasses alike opposed the new law with a vicious bickering. They sought to annoy Blumbeen MXV to death and resolved the best way was to create a memetic and contagious saying. They settled on "Praise the pun!", but the effectiveness of such a dastardly phrase brought the gathering of assholes to a sweet end. Praising the pun so rapidly, their vocal cords all burst. And so, the opposition was vanquished in two weeks.

Blumbeen later decreed that all their bodies be shoved into a ditch whose primary use was that of a toilet.