Project SATAN

A worldwide cultish effort to build a model of Satan's head so huge that it becomes the new G-Urth. Its production was halted when all of the cult's members fed themselves to the model's mouth (the model itself, at this point, being around halfway complete), believing that it would receive Dark G-Bubba sustenance from their bodies and grow in size. In fact, all that happened was that every member fell the full ten-thousand miles to the bottom of the lower jaw and died.

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in the project as the power of Satan waxes sanguinely. A new generation of Satan supporters is said to be reorganizing a continuation of the project. Their first order of business has been to find a force of undertakers large enough to remove the close-to-500,000 dead bodies from the inside of the head's mouth. It is rumored that one man, merely known as THE UNDERSHAKER, could do the job.